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What Croatia has to offer in a yacht charter trip

When you think of a yacht charter trip in the Mediterranean, you immediately think of Greece, but there are places equally beautiful, if not more beautiful than the ancient land of Greece fitting for a summer yachting holiday. The first country that springs to mind is the wild and largely undiscovered Croatia, which is fast emerging as a serious contender to the more traditional sailing destinations.

What does Croatia have to offer you ask? Well, the reason this jewel of the Mediterranean has remained under blissful anonymity until recently is because it was part of communist Yugoslavia and remained off limits to Western Europe thanks to the Iron Curtain. Today, this is a wonderful destination for history enthusiasts because there are plenty of Roman ruins in every major town along the coast, as well as some in the wilderness, there are medieval castles perched on top of hills ready to repel attacks by invading hoards and, more importantly, there are 1,185 islands that make up a real nice playground for yacht charter crews.

The capital city of Zagreb has plenty to offer in terms of history, culture and cuisine, but for the best time, head on down to the coast, to large resort cities like Pula, Split, Dubrovnik, Biograd or Zadar. But make sure you also visit the Croatian countryside which hides real natural wonders, such as the gushing waterfalls located in the Plitvice National Park, a real tropical oasis on the Adriatic shores.

As good as the countryside looks, you can be sure it harbors some delicious recipes made with locally produced ingredients, some of which are famous throughout the world. Such as the Istrian truffles which are among the most expensive yet most delicious food items in the world. Though inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, the Croatians make a point out of more wholesome dishes such roasted lamb on a spit or veal stuffed with ham and cheese. To wash it all down, there are some famous wine brands such as the Babic wine that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Among one of the most unique experiences you can try in the Dalmatian Coast, though at first you might not think it, is shopping. We say that because here you can pick up some of the stranger things. From the island of Hvar, which has extensive lavender fields, you can purchase sachets and oils that will give fragrance to your home, from Pag island you can buy intricate handmade laces, made after designs handed down from generation to generation, and from Istria you can buy the famous truffles which are said to give flavor to absolutely every food. Just don't forget to pick up a cravat, as the necktie is locally known, since it's widely considered that Croatia is the birthplace of this fashion accessory.